My journey of a thousand steps…

Welcome all! This site is just getting started. The ultimate aim is to help transform people’s lives by adding insight and incredible value to connecting with, understanding and improving the areas of heart, mind and habits in our personal and professional lives.

This will include podcasts, articles, books, speaking, 1 on 1 coaching and group master mind sessions! I know there is a lot of content already by a number of wonderful people. My intent isn’t to duplicate or compete. I will often refer to other experts and professionals. My aim isn’t guided by ego (as much as I can manage at least), but by a desire to say that I personally:

  • opened my heart to people and create authentic, meaningful relationships
  • expanding my mind by trying new ideas and being willing to admit when I’m wrong or need help and making fewer and fewer assumptions
  • revealed habits of my own and others that have lead to great fulfillment and success…and habits that have imposed self-limitations or even caused us or others harm

There are a plethora of podcasts out there. This is about my self expression and bringing my unique set of skills, thoughts and vision to say I had the guts to try!

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