Why Dan Peña is the kindest and angriest person you will ever meet on the planet! 😡🌍💲

I first heard of Dan Peña a year or so ago on a London Real episode with host Brian Rose doing an interview. I pretty much forgot about Dan right afterward. Not sure what it was, but nothing clicked at the time. Fast forward to recent times and just a few months ago another episode featuring the “50 Billion Dollar Man” popped up and something stuck this time!

The fist is real! His words aren’t just resounding thunder. This “man among men” means business! Click image to watch his “Live at the Ritz” video on LondonReal.tv for free!!!

Anyone who knows about Dan Peña wouldn’t describe him as kind or nice or even lovable! Brian Rose even calls him out for “acting like a c*nt” multiple times on video! Dan’s retort was in essence that he wasn’t the C-word because he kept it real, raw and wanted the best for all of his devotees and mentees…often times more than they did for themselves!

As I watched more interviews, videos and even dived into his plethora of *FREE* material on his website , https://www.danpena.co.uk/, I gathered several things:

  1. This man…even at 74 years old…has one of the highest self esteems and self-righteous views of himself…bordering on narcissism.
  2. Has the will-power and drive of 10 regular men…easy…and is quick to remind everyone of their weakness in comparison!
  3. Cusses like a sailor, screams like a drill sergeant, smart as a whip and rather indiscriminate in his demeaning critical talk about the weakness of “men” today being snowflake pansies not worth the space they occupy!
  4. Types in ALL CAPS AND RED FONT in all of his emails…minus red font on twitter which I believe ultimately is a reflection of his ego believing his words deserve nothing but capital letters as lowercase is beneath them! I recently emailed him and his reply was a curt “F*CK NO!” in red caps!
  5. He is one of the kindest and most caring human beings on the planet!

I know #5 will be hard to swallow given the first 4. However, I kept finding small glimmers of this shining through the harsh and unfriendly persona. He does have the capability of controlling his tongue and giving praise. The problem is that he views 98-99% of the world as not being worthy of said self control and consideration! However, that is only half-true.

The TRUE-TRUE is that Dan only knows how to communicate his deep desire and love for the human race, and the declining state of manhood as he sees it in particular, in such a harsh manner because that is how his father, Manny Peña, communicated with him. Dan is effusive in his love and admiration for his father and credits him for the man he is today. Hearing how his father dealt with him with deep love and severe consequences, it is easy to see past Dan’s harshness to the immense love that fuels it.

This was not an easy truth to find or deduce. Initially I had just pegged Dan as another megalomaniac peddling his mania to feed his ego’s never ending need for validation, power and superiority. Deeper analysis shows this foul-mouthed maniac has a heart of gold! He has a soft spot for hurt animals (after he got sport hunting and killing a bear with a knife out of his system!) and nuns. He is interestingly open to other people’s religions and is very respectful of spiritual practices. He gives 1000% to any of his videos, talks or trainings and even more so to the mentees that attend his week long training at his castle in Scotland! Good luck finding a spot. Despite the high cost of entry (roughly $20,000 US, not including travel costs), his events are remaining booked up a year+ into the future!

Even with giving away all of his material, posting videos and doing Q&As and providing all of the same content you would get if you paid to go to one of his trainings, he stays booked! This is a testament to the intensity and legacy Dan has for taking ordinary lumps of human clay…and if they survive his inferno of scrutiny and unrelenting criticism and demands…they come out achieving Quantum Leaps in their businesses that surpass their wildest dreams.

While I’m still working on my own Quantum Leap from afar, one thing is for sure: Dan Peña is a mighty force in the world generating positive results. He isn’t the nicest man alive. He’s even said if you “like” him, then he hasn’t done his job right! However, his unwavering vision of the incredible lives we all can have if we will just drop the BS excuses and pursue our vision with fire and tenacity, we will achieve our dreams!

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