Speed Post: Improve your speaking ability by knowing your “filler phrase”…

We all have a “filler phrase” that is a habit we picked up. This is because we often have a hard time with silence ourselves and project that other people have the same problems we do when we are speaking. Most people who speak use a simple filler like “Ummm” between thoughts, phrases and silences. I used to be one such person…until I became aware and allowed myself and the audience sit in the silence and see it is a powerful tool to emphasize certain key ideas and moments in your presentation or speech.

Just today I realized a new filler phrase has crept into my patterns that needs addressing: “you know”. I also removed the related over usage of the word “like” from most of my verbal communications as a go to linking word…which my “you know” seems to also play a role!

So, no matter what, the first step is self-awareness, gentle correction and then a check-in from time to time to see if the polish you’ve been trying to add to your speaking prowess is in place or improving…or if like me you substituted one “less than optimal” habit for another! 😉

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